70lb Mixed Frozen Meat Package


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A 35lb Beef package (reg. $239)and 35lb Pork Package (reg. $175) giving you savings of $buying this larger package of Williamson Farms Beef and Lambton Shores Pork. 35lb Beef Selection and Choices: 13lb of Lean Ground Beef in 1lb or 1 1/2lb packages or a mix of. Hamburg Patties: 24 x 4oz Thin Patties or 16 x 6oz Thick Patties 4lb lb Wing Steak 2lb Boneless Blade Steak 12 lb Beef Roasts: Beef Roasts-choices are Cross Cut Rib Roast, Cross Cut Rib Roast, Blade Roast or Steak(Round) Roast. Our roasts area available in 2lb to 6lb size average, sizes will vary. 35lb Pork Selection and Choices: 3lb of Bone in Pork Chops – cut from the loin 3lb of Bone In Smoked Chops 4lb of Butt Chops 8 Packs of Sausage – your choice from our selection 4 Packs of Side Bacon (Approx. 1lb packages) 2packs of Smoked Sausage 3lb of Pork Side (Spare) Ribs 2lb of Pork Cutlets (if unavailable, choose $12.00 Value of any product) 3lb of Pork Shoulder or Plain Pork Ham *You may substitute up to 2 products in this package. All substitutions must be done in person or by telephone.

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