Maple Syrup

Bottle_15As an Ontario Maple Syrup producer, we meet the highest standards for Maple Syrup Production in the Province of Ontario. We have over 2500 taps and over 6 miles of pipeline strung through our Maple Bush. We produce on average 1400 or more litres of Maple Syrup annually and sell it directly to the customer at the on Farm location, our Williamson Farm Country Store in Forest or at selected local Farmer’s Markets.

Maple Syrup season begins in late February on the farm, when we start getting ready to tap the trees. We spend time in our bush checking our lines, repairing and replacing lines and spiles. When the weather forecast is right, we send out our teams to tap the trees. Our teams spend 2-4 days drilling and tapping in the spiles. When everything is tapped, we will begin gathering sap.

We look forward to warm, sunny days and cold nights to produce the sap to make Maple Syrup. Our product is controlled by climate and all of our production is dependent upon the weather.

When it is ready, it is a fast day by day operation that is co-ordinated by Mother Nature.

Give us a call to see the Maple Syrup being made or to pick up the first taste of spring!

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